CEO’s Speech


  My Dear Friends …,

Are you tired of OVERPRICED Airtime Telecoms, Hi-Tech-Laptops and Phones, Softwares and Applications? Well, I am, and Welcome to the RA-NECOM Cheaper Hi-Tech-Telecom-Family!
From our E-SAT/WIFI Equipment to CHEAPER and FASTER Internet Services Connectivity, We are here to SAVE you from all the scam in Hi-Tech-Telecoms …
As a US 501C3 RA-Program that we are around the World, we are, of course, very Unique and Daring to defend the interests of all our Members in all Leading Socio-Economic and Industrial Development that can impact our members.
We wish to thank all who have trusted in RA-NECOM by selecting us as your New Lasting Hi-Tech-Telecoms Services Provider in this New Hi-Tech-Millennium. By subscribing with RA, you are also helping our Humanitarian programs to further assist those who need us around the world: The Underprivileged. Thanks again!

     RA is always described as a Unique type of Humanitarian, because we dare SCIENTIFICALLY create and understand that Humanitarianism is DYNAMIC, therefore MUST NOT be limited to only aid supply to keep you inert. But to enrich you on investment and creativity through Education, Legislations, Professional Training in Leading Fields of our time in order to DURABLY improve your life and the lives of your children, and great-grand-children, generations after generations for you too to leave behind, a Noble Legacy in all legality and Human Dignity. For this World has been given to us FREELY with Love and Compassion. And FREELY with Love and Compassion, we too MUST GIVE to others with NO DISCRIMATION.
RA’s powerful and diversified Staff and Board of Directors have been in constant hard work researching in finding the BEST for you and for your People mostly for FREE or very little on just the minimum to enjoy Real Brand New Life with your little dignified participation for those who can…
As Agents, Sub-Agents, Distributors or just a User of this great Revolutionary Hi-Tech-Telecoms Industry of RA-NECOM with her partners, your account ID will be created for you and for you only as soon as you contribute just as little as $20USD for members.
Your RA-NECOM’s devices will be configured through our system from North America, to Asia, Mid-East, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and the Caribbeans, giving You THE FREEDOM TO COMMUNICATE WHENEVER, WHEREVER to stay connected with NO fear in this World with Maximum Security through our preinstalled VPN Smartphones and Smartlaptops…
A FREE Internet Connectivity Bonus for ONE WHOLE MONTH and FREE 100 minutes plus SMS is also offered to you for Comfortable Start Enjoyment. Talk more and Pay less… That’s FANTASTIC!!!. Truly, the World is Yours to get yourself develop for so less to pay in Communication and Exchanges.
Our FREE Professional Training Seminars around the World are still going on 24/24, 7/7, 365/365 for the next 70 to 90 years and beyond, I guarantee you. Nothing to worry about! You DEFINITELY are on the right track of the TGV of RA-NECOM’s New Millennium Durable Development. We expect you to get it with all that you have always dreamed about to becoming.
And guess what? RA and RA-NECOM are here to stay…and will NOT leave until your life has changed…and your dreams come true. Bringing you the Good news of Jobs creation, faster and cheaper Internet Connectivity, Socio-economic-development activities/projects to better your educational and socio-economic lives and the lives of your entire community, villages, and families… With more Education, Professional and Vocational Trainings, AGOA services/products, Healthcare, Investments, Research, Traveling and exploring the World just like anyone else, are what gives us the courage to fulfilling our Mission for you!
So, what are you waiting for? Didn’t you learn from Dr. Caroline Hoth’s FREE Seminars to share love, compassion, riches and good news, especially with the non-privileged?
Don’t be selfish and nasty… share RA-NECOM’s good news through your friends and different communities wherever you are, and enjoy the cheapest call you ever made to talk locally, nationally or internationally while receiving The President’s Rewards for a Minimum of FREE $500 SHARES.
Don’t just call to call. Become an RA shareholder and be your own OWNER by investing in yourself everytime you call or connect yourself with RA-NECOM Platform-System.
If you need us to come to your country or community to connect you all, just email us: or , we’ll be there to Professionally train you with your different communities with NO DISCRIMINATION whatsoever…

Share the Good News of RA-NECOM out!

And Stay Connected with No Fear! The Sky is Your Only Limit.

The Future is NOW! Be part of it

Again, thanks to all volunteers, members, contributors, donators, governments, staff and Board of Directors of RA and RA-NECOM.

RA-NECOM, Stay Connected With No Fear.

God bless you all.
Very sincerely yours;
Dr. Caroline Hoth

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